Rediscovering love: How I Met my Malaysian Wife

Three years ago, I met my Malaysian wife. Fell in love with her at first sight. Soon I started dating a Malaysian woman. Together we attended various cultural events and exhibitions. My girlfriend was very well-versed in art and poetry. At the same time, she spoke fluently in five languages and could support a conversation on almost any topic. How did all this happen? Let’s see!

Recently, there was an acute problem of meeting a man or a woman. The crazy pace of life, global goals, unfulfilled desires did not allow us to break out of the vicious circle, stop and look in the eyes of happiness, which, perhaps, is very close. Loneliness is the main catastrophe of the modern world. It would seem that there is so much unknown and interesting around, but when it comes to dates, family happiness, and warmth, people turn away and try to change the subject.

Never neglect California single women

The other day I went to a bookstore. I want to feel some publications before purchasing them via the Internet.

In the department of foreign literature, I noticed one hot Malaysian girl. The place where there were books of Proust (I liked that this Malaysian woman adores shoes and intellectual literature!). Her face was beautiful and intelligent at the same time. I really liked her. As you might guess, I did not approach her.

Then, of course, I wanted to find her, but how? Proust, of course, was a little clue, but nevertheless, it is hard to find malasian women in my location.

On Sunday, my mother invited me to the Los Angeles Goes Live Performance. There was an exhibition, “Performance Art in Southern California 1970-1983“. 

We went to the California Performance. I handed over the jackets. Mom began to look at all kinds of magnets in the museum store. And then I saw Her – that exactly beautiful Malaysian girl! It happened, of course, that I accidentally met acquaintances in the subway – and it even happened that I saw the same strangers several times. But then I almost believed in Providence.

However, I did not approach her again. Mom and I went to watch the exhibition.

The exhibition is rather strange. That was a collection of different pieces of art with funny signatures and explanations. The histories and legacies of performance art in Southern California in the 1970s and early 80s painted various unsightly aspects of life (and ridiculed them), as well as for some reason all sorts of witches and demons. 

There you have the art. Although I am an art lover, I found out everything about Performance Art in Southern California 1970-1983. The exhibition was done correctly – you can see all the images from all the sides you need, signatures in translation, and the explanatory.

That beautiful Malaysian girl was not at this exhibition. When we left, I thought: “What is going on? I must still find her. Perhaps she is somewhere in the museum?”

I sent my mother home and went to look for my Malay girl. I quickly went around all the halls, but the mysterious stranger was nowhere to be found.

I went outside. And then noticed that next to the main building of the museum, there is another second building – also related to it. There were evicted painting 19-20 centuries. All sorts of Picasso, Van Gogh, Claude Monet, and others. And I decided to go in and check there too.

Here I must say that a superficial acquaintance with the painting of the Impressionists and Expressionists led me to the following thought: “In order to draw poorly, we must first learn to draw and write well.” All the great artists who painted daubs have canvases, where everything is painted very well. And it is precisely seeing them that you understand that a square eye in place of a triangular ear, for example, is a deliberate artistic device, and not insanity – and not a lack of ability to draw.

No, I would not write such a long text to inform you that the second gallery also did not have that girl. Of course, writing about fails is fun, but if you maintain hope for so long and then take it away, the reader will be disappointed. And that is bad.

Finally, I found her. Detected. Overtook. In the hall of California Performance.

I will not write about how the acquaintance went. I don’t know how to write about it simply and beautifully. But what I can tell confidently is that never miss a chance to date a beautiful Malaysian girl.