Installation Views

All photographs courtesy of Joshua White Photography.

Cheri Gaulke
Peep Totter Fly
A performance/video/installation

Robert Wilhite with Guy de Cointet
Garments and Gongs for Musicians, this Ramona, cost 1977
A Play by Guy de Cointet. Music by Robert Wilhite. Costumes by Durinda Rice Wood
California Institute of Technology, view Pasadena, CA
3 black costumes, 3 gongs (brass, stainless, copper) 2 wood mallets each, script pages
Courtesy of the artists

Senga Nengudi
Reconstruction of Garment, Ceremony for Freeway Fets, 2011 (original made, 1978)
On Pico Blvd., under a freeway underpass, Los Angeles, CA
Nylon mesh mask and headdress, Paper tarp robe
Courtesy of the artist

Jacki Apple
Garment, The Garden Planet Revisited, 1981-1982 NASA, Espace DBD/WPA
Red cotton jumpsuit with NASA insignia Charlie’s Soliloquy recorded 1982, remastered for radio 1992
Courtesy of the artist

The Kipper Kids (Brian Routh and Martin von Haselberg)
Garments and Handmade Mannequins, Out of the Box Into the Box, 1973, at 1974 Forum, West Berlin, GER, LAICA, Los Angeles, CA, various
2 English Boy Scout uniforms: short, shirt, caps, woggles, scarves, hand painted badges on two handmade mannequins
Courtesy of the Kipper Productions Inc.

Richard Newton
Reconstruction of Garment for The Bride, I take you to a room in Brawley and we smell onions, 2011 (original made, 1975)
Gallery TJB, Newport Beach, Roger Wong Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
Bridal veil, bed sheet wedding gown
Courtesy of the artist

Sisters of Survival (Jerri Allyn, Nancy Angelo, Anne Gauldin, Cheri Gaulke, Sue Maberry)
Garments and Flags, End of the Rainbow, 1981-83 North America and Western Europe
Blue, red, yellow nun habits, 3 sets of semaphore flags
Courtesy of the artist

Barbara T. Smith
Nude Frieze (reconstruction), 2011 (original, 1972)
F-Space Gallery, Santa Ana, CA Duct tape, 2 large L-brackets, and pencil lines
Courtesy of the artist

Bob & Bob: Garments, Sex is Stupid

Bob & Bob
Garments, Sex is Stupid, 1978 at LAICA, Los Angeles, CA
2 polyester suits, 2 masks, 2 pair shoes, 2 shirts and ties
Courtesy of the artists

Heather Cassils
Body Composition, 2011
3 channel video installation
Video 1: Eating the caloric intake of a 190 pound man
Video 2: Animation of photographs (by Eden Batki) of packaging from food consumed
Video 3: Excerpts from training sessions with Charles Glass at Gold’s Gym in Venice Beach

Heather Cassils
Mind Over Matter: Performance Document, 2011
Grid of 15 photographs, 11” X 14” each
Photos by Zackary Drucker, with the exception of 3 by Cathy Davies (bottom left image and second to last row, two images to the right)

Heather Cassils and Robin Black
Advertisement (Homage to Benglis), 2011
30″X40″ Photographic print mounted on wall plastered with tabloid sized photocopies