• Rachel Rosenthal, Bonsoir, Dr. Schon, 1980.
  • Bob & Bob, Sex is Stupid, 1978.
  • Richard Newton, I take you to a room in Brawley and we smell onions, 1975.
  • Linda Nishio, Cheap Talk
  • Valerie Faris and Tobi Redlich, The Special of the Night and Live Bait, 1982.
  • John White, Conceptual Strip Tease, 1974
  • Z\'EV, Z’EV / Music, 1983.
  • Nina Sobell, Baby, Chicky, 1981.
  • Phelan quote
  • Elisha Shapiro, Vote Nihilism, 1987.
  • Mike Kelley, Confusion: A Play in Seven Sets, Each Set More Spectacular Then The Last, 1983.

Los Angeles Goes Live is an exhibition and performance series that explores the histories and legacies of performance art in Southern California in the 70s and early 80s.