• Linda Nishio, Cheap Talk
  • Rachel Rosenthal, Bonsoir, Dr. Schon, 1980.
  • Valerie Faris and Tobi Redlich, The Special of the Night and Live Bait, 1982.
  • Nina Sobell, Baby, Chicky, 1981.
  • John White, Conceptual Strip Tease, 1974
  • Richard Newton, I take you to a room in Brawley and we smell onions, 1975.
  • Phelan quote
  • Bob & Bob, Sex is Stupid, 1978.
  • Elisha Shapiro, Vote Nihilism, 1987.
  • Mike Kelley, Confusion: A Play in Seven Sets, Each Set More Spectacular Then The Last, 1983.
  • Z\'EV, Z’EV / Music, 1983.

Los Angeles Goes Live is an exhibition and performance series that explores the histories and legacies of performance art in Southern California in the 70s and early 80s.